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Hi there ambitious artist, songwriter, DJ or anyone with a love for good music. My name is Sander Boelders, a geek with a passion for music, people, design and technology. I believe music to be amongst the most beautiful forms of art due to its temporal nature, allowing the listener to be taken through a series of emotions and messages throughout a song or an album. In order to optimally convey these messages and emotions to your listeners, quality production is key.

This is where I come in. I am a music producer and mixing/mastering engineer who likes to ensure that you can focus on what is important to you; writing, performing and conveying your message through your music. I recently graduated from my master in Computer Science and Engineering (cum laude), providing me with a strong technical and mathematical background allowing me to create clean and professional productions. In addition to this, I had eight years of formal training in piano during which I spent most of my time learning pop, jazz, and blues piano. During these lessons, I loved spending time learning improvisation where I learned to express my feelings and my story through music. In recent years I have been producing beats for multiple hip-hop and R&B projects. In addition to this, I am a seller on several ghost production platforms. The combination of having a technical background and having been educated in music allows me to create the perfect production where a professional sound and your story are the top priority.

Want to know more about me or my projects? Or do you have any other questions regarding audio-related work? Shoot me a message below!

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Do you need any audio-related work to be done? Feel free to shoot me a message to discuss the possibilities.

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